Karen – Periodicals publishing – Newmarket

“The course was interesting and informative. It was delivered in a relaxed way, which made it easier to join in and answer questions. The role play was enjoyable although at other courses I’ve found this intimidating.”

Alison – Telesales Manager – Telephony systems – Leicester

“The course was very informative – made me look at myself more clearly.”

Gerry – School books provider – Birmingham

“I enjoyed the course, lively and active.”

Dagmar – Metals manufacturer exports – Birmingham

“A fun way to learn about the basic skills of communication & selling which will give you the tools to be successful in a vastly different environment.”

Ricky Westran – Car dealership – Derby

Very well structured, entertaining and helpful

David – Health insurance – Leicester

“Very enjoyable with plenty of opportunity to express opinions. I didn’t find myself clock-watching due to the amount of input required.”

David – Sales manager – Fork truck distributor – Birmingham

Enjoyable, fun and beneficial.

Leanda – Conference organiser – Coventry

Very informative, good pace, good interaction & role play.

Sara – Industrial coatings – Coventry

Full of relevant, interesting and fun training – would definitely recommend.

Chris – Machine tools manufacturer – East Midlands

“Varied, interesting, enjoyable, fulfilling.”

Sarah – Book publisher – Birmingham

“I liked the anecdotes in between – helped as ice-breakers and to keep a light hearted tone. Thanks very much.”

Paul – Foodservice – South Midlands

“I found this one of the more well paced, well balanced courses I have been on in my time here.”