Annette – Aerial photography – Cambridge

“Although I did not enjoy listening to myself I found this extremely useful & would like to do it again. Great day thanks.” from a follow-up programme working with recorded ‘live’ calls.

Ricky Westran – Car dealership – Derby

Very well structured, entertaining and helpful

Trusha – Training course sales – Leicester

“Very interesting and useful training programme which will definitely help me approach my sales calls in a more effective way. I’ve also learnt, that there is a more to communicating via telephone than I initially thought.”

Kellie – Electrical components – Northampton

“I thought the course was very enjoyable, well organised and presented. I have learnt a great deal & feel this will help me in the future with my confidence. Thank you!”

Martin – Industrial conglomerate – Manchester

“Interesting, useful, and gives a good insight into what you use every day from the moment you are born – communication.”

Claire – Health insurance provider – Leicestershire

“I think the course was excellent. I was actually dreading it but found it fun, helpful, useful and very informative. DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING !!!”

Cristina Onodi – Hotel – West Midlands

You’re better than my communication teacher in uni so KEEP IT UP !

Kathy – Home improvement supplier – Coventry

“Delivery was very good. Role plays are usually an area where it is so false that it is hard to be natural. Andrew you are very good at your job.”

Julie Toft – Food distribution – Northampton

I thought the course was very interesting and very well put across and it has opened my eyes to selling in general – on how to deal with people.

Lorraine – Telesales manager – Food packaging – Cambridgeshire

“Delivery was very good, you kept our attention – a good mix.”

Chris – Industrial storage – Northampton

“Very rewarding and interesting.”

Tim – Safety Equipment – Wellingborough

“very good clear presentation. A brush up of skills and how to apply them should be of benefit to any sales person whatever their experience.”