Peter Archer – Publishing – Cambridge

I believe the course to be excellent and presented brilliantly by the tutor.

Beverley – Packaging manufacturer – Northampton

“Informative. Encourages you to get involved when you don’t want to – in a good way! Doesn’t tell you you are wrong, all very positive. Don’t feel a fool.”

Dagmar – Metals manufacturer exports – Birmingham

“A fun way to learn about the basic skills of communication & selling which will give you the tools to be successful in a vastly different environment.”

Becky Amos – Construction consultancy – Coventry

A fantastic course to heighten your awareness of how to deliver positive customer service and communication!

Rebecca – Barcode software – Nottinghamshire

“Informative, not scary, useful, fun, relaxed.”

Ken – Healthcare packaging – Leicester

“It was obviously extremely well prepared. Very instructive. Very well delivered, friendly and professional.”

Kerry – I.T. Solutions Sales – Leicester

“Fantastic, informative, made me feel at ease.”

Alastair – Marketing consultancy – Leicester

Andrew is a first class trainer who delivers an impressive range of material with a high degree of commitment and skill. from LinkedIn

Sadie – Council – Northampton

“Good, informative, productive fun !!”

Sara – Print software – Northampton

“I think it was very good and well structured. You delivered everything very well with a clear, concise approach.”

Louise – Council – Northamptonshire

“Fun, informative and well worth it.”

Pete – Construction products – Oakham

“Fluid, informative, educational, salady.”

Sarah – Health insurance – Leicester

“I was able to participate without being pressurised. I think you identified our characters well and therefore everyone was involved at a level they felt comfortable with.”

Carol Kane – Food supplier – Corby

I found your delivery interesting, simple and easy to follow. My mind rarely wandered, you obviously practice what you preach. Good luck and thanks

Elaine Shaw – Healthcare Packaging – Leicestershire

I think the pace was about right, and the level it was delivered was helpful, didn’t make anyone feel small, and involved everyone at the same time.

Becca R. – Software Sales – Leicester

I’ve attended training courses lead by Andrew, they’ve been extremely valuable & beneficial. He brings enthusiasm and clarity and you leave his training course buzzing with ideas and solutions to take back to work, to maintain standards and make the changes that count. from LinkedIn