Sadie – Council – Northampton

“Good, informative, productive fun !!”

Angela – Scanning technology – Nottingham

“Helpful & wider understanding of how I come across on the telephone, what my weaker points were & how I can improve them.”

Sarah – Telemarketing team leader – Leicester

“Informative, energetic, fun.” “The course was delivered in a professional manner but not in a school room way, very enjoyable.”

Steve – Food processing – Oxford

A1 very good, thank you.

Nicola – Corporate signage – Northampton

“I thought it was delivered well and getting us involved quite a lot is not something that a lot of trainers do, but really works well.”

Liz Clark – Book seller – Cambridge

“Motivating & also confirms many things you already do can be improved.”

Joy – Packaging – Corby

“Very intense, but very very useful in whatever job role you do.”

Ross – Contract distribution – Nottingham

“An enjoyable day and I would say will definitely benefit my communication skills for the future.”

Amy – Conference organiser receptionist – Coventry

Really informative and fun.

Sean – Warehousing and distribution – Scotland

“Interesting, fun to attend and very worthwhile.”

Chris – Industrial storage – Northampton

“Very rewarding and interesting.”

Michael – Industrial supplies – Leicester

“a big boost for confidence and developing speaking and listening skills.”

Chris – Training course sales – Leicester

“Fun, interesting, informative, effective, intriguing, contextualised, well worth it.”

Anna – Publishing group – Cambridge

“Delivery was very effective and made the course much more enjoyable. The role plays also made it more involving and easier to understand.”

Sonia – Metals manufacturer – Birmingham

“Friendly, well organised, good practical examples.”

Robert – Machine Tools – Midlands

“Enjoyable, useful information, you feel comfortable you can express your opinions.”