Lois – Healthcare insurance – Birmingham

“I enjoyed your delivery of the course. You kept me interested !!”

Maura – Property services – Warwick

Informative and entertaining. Thanks for making it so interesting.

Beverley – Golf equipment supplier – Cambridge

“Well presented, informal approach with lots of interaction.”

Tim Ross – Automotive – Cambridge

Firstly thanks for yesterday. I have got some really good feedback from the team and they all found it enjoyable and useful. Amazingly so far (it’s still only 2.30) the Telesales team have got 18 demos between three of them. Normally they get 3-5 each a day and there’s plenty of time left still. Thanks…

Sharon – Construction – Leicestershire

“You managed the course very professionally, it also had some very light moments which keeps the interest.”

Kathy – Home improvement supplier – Coventry

“Delivery was very good. Role plays are usually an area where it is so false that it is hard to be natural. Andrew you are very good at your job.”

Lisa – Educational supplies – Cambridge

Very useful, thought provoking and interesting on a personal as well as business level. New sales people will especially enjoy it.

Elspeth – District Council – East Midlands

“Very informative, relaxed and most of all easy to follow – not all jargon.”

Jody – Inside sales team manager – Wellingborough

“Fab course, fun & friendly, put everyone at ease. Awesome job!! Loved impressions :-)”

Vivien Davidson – Healthcare – Sheffield

Thank you Andrew for 2 days of extremely useful happy training. I for one would recommend you as a personality & trainer to any other firm or individual

Lisa – Membership services – Coventry

Fun, interactive, interesting, relevant.

Amanda Paul – Engineering consumables – East Midlands

The course content was fine and adapted well to fit my everyday working life so that I could use everything.

Julie – Fire detection systems – Oxford

“A refreshing view on communication, not just another “customer care” course. It’s about how to communicate with people in all aspects of your life.”

Gill – Periodicals publishing – Cambridgeshire

“It was all excellent, the content and how you encouraged us to participate and make us feel a group and not trainer and trainees.”

Julie – Industrial storage – Birmingham

“I think another course would definitely be of great benefit but going in to more detail – more intense role plays. I also found that helpful criticism was good.”

Allison – School books – Cambridge

“Good fun, informal, informative, pro-active and interactive. Great for fairly inexperienced sales staff, and regenerative for the longer serving staff.”