Karen – Periodicals publishing – Newmarket

“The course was interesting and informative. It was delivered in a relaxed way, which made it easier to join in and answer questions. The role play was enjoyable although at other courses I’ve found this intimidating.”

Allison – Product packaging – Corby

“A good way to make you more aware of how you communicate and how it can be perceived by others.”

Jarmila S. – Membership services – Coventry

Found it very useful & believe that I’ll be better in my job from now on.

Michelle Ward – Health insurance

I found the course enjoyable & it highlighted things I hadn’t considered before.

Nicola – Motor dealership – Derby

“Informative and self-assessing.”

Sue N. – Training consultant – Derby

Andrew provided a great training experience for a client of mine. He worked well with the groups and boosted their confidence as well as their knowledge. from LinkedIn

Ann – Glass processors – Northampton

“Interesting, fun.”

Kathy – Home improvement supplier – Coventry

“Delivery was very good. Role plays are usually an area where it is so false that it is hard to be natural. Andrew you are very good at your job.”

Steve – Food processing – Oxford

A1 very good, thank you.

Sean – Warehousing and distribution – Scotland

“Interesting, fun to attend and very worthwhile.”

Rebecca – Mexican goods importer – Derby

“A great starter to calling and selling, benefits everyone.”

Lora – Membership services – Coventry

Really enjoyed it, better than I thought, one of the best courses I have attended.

Julie – Industrial storage – Birmingham

“I think another course would definitely be of great benefit but going in to more detail – more intense role plays. I also found that helpful criticism was good.”

Sarah Jones – Conference provider – Coventry

Brilliant! Good fun, informative.

Andrew H. – Contract distribution – Nottinghamshire

“Very well produced, informative and enjoyable. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was very impressed.”

Maria Kyraicou – I.T. distributor – Cambridge

Very good course, which was really enjoyable – most enjoyable one I’ve had so far. Delivered in a way that was easy to understand. Thanks