Michael – Motor group – Derbyshire

“Enjoyed the interactive parts of the course, maybe more of this.”

Jason Quantrill – Industrial products – Northampton

The whole course was delivered in a professional manner, yet maintained the interest throughout the 2 days. I don’t think I’ve said it about any course before but – ‰Û÷very enjoyable.’

Sharon – Construction – Leicestershire

“You managed the course very professionally, it also had some very light moments which keeps the interest.”

Jackie – Healthcare services – Nottingham

“I enjoyed the course & found the balance between discussion and role play excellent. I don’t normally enjoy role play, but I did this time. The wine helped!”

Jane Bridle – Meat processing – Coventry

I thought you were very relaxed and friendly which made me want to listen to you, you talked to me and not at me. Well done.

Andrew – Industrial storage – Birmingham

“I found the course very knowledgeable and interesting. I learnt a lot as you involved us, listened well to us and were not boring.”

Kaye – Industrial machine tools – Leicestershire

“Very good! Covered all aspects of communication in great detail.”

Carol – Publishing – Cambridge

“Very helpful – enlightening and not too intense.”

Sian – Food packaging – Corby

“Good, enjoyable, relaxing course which delivers it’s pre-arranged goals.”

Sean – Warehousing and distribution – Scotland

“Interesting, fun to attend and very worthwhile.”

Stephanie – Chemical suppliers – Northampton

“It was nice that you kept us involved all through the course and didn’t just talk at us. Giving examples of personal experiences you’ve had was good too, also keeping a touch of humour.”

Sara – Machine Tools – Midlands

“Energetic. Enjoyable. Informative.”

Karen – Integrated Telephony Systems – Leicester

“Interesting, fun, specific to our needs.”

Simon – Industrial safety products – Wellingborough

“Excellent course. Nice & open. Plenty of practical stuff. Possibly need for more direct group discussion?”

Dale – Janitorial Supplies – Leicester

“A very helpful insight for the inexperienced. Great topics, great knowledge.”

Mark – ERP software sales – Birmingham

“Informative and not too heavy. Well run and clear message.”