David Walker – Food packaging – Cambridgeshire

Of all the courses I have attended this was one of the better examples. Very enjoyable and very well delivered.

Alan Munroe – Optical Services – Sheffield

Informative and good for people who use the phone and are not comfortable using it.

Jennie – Publishing group – Nottingham

“I think your conduct and character was professional yet interesting. The course did not seem to drag on, or be dull. Breaking the day up with activities also helped.”

Karen – Integrated Telephony Systems – Leicester

“Interesting, fun, specific to our needs.”

Dan Woodcock – Medical care – Nottinghamshire

Well structured and you have a memory like an elephant !!!

Sue – Food distribution – Milton Keynes

Enjoyed it thought you delivered it well did not rush things through.

Sue Robinson – Training Services – Banbury

I enjoyed the course Andrew, and your delivery was excellent. You made it fun yet informative. Thank you – I hope I do your training justice !

Angela – Scanning technology – Nottingham

“Helpful & wider understanding of how I come across on the telephone, what my weaker points were & how I can improve them.”

Roger – Training organisation – Corby

“A good introduction to this subject that will start the thought processes going on how to handle customers.”

Kim – I.T. software sales – Rugby

“Very helpful & time is taken for individual to understand – I feel motivated.”

James – PPE Distributor – Leicester

“An in depth and interesting look at the way we communicate with others, the positives and the negatives, and what improvements we can make to ourselves to help us in work and everyday life.”

Dawn – Schoolwear manufacturer – Nottingham

“Relevant. Genuinely helpful. Enjoyable. Confirmation of skills I didn’t realise I was using.”

Julie – Food distribution – Coventry

“I like the fact that Andrew made it ‘personal’ as possible – maybe some more examples of role play might help – I quite enjoyed this in the end!!”

Alastair – Marketing consultancy – Leicester

Andrew is a first class trainer who delivers an impressive range of material with a high degree of commitment and skill. from LinkedIn

Angie – District Council – East Midlands

“Fun, informative and interesting.”

Aaron – Scanning technology – Nottingham

“Very professional and personalised which is important as you felt it was bespoke for you and your company.”