Buy some huge experience with a short term telesales manager

Buy some huge and wide ranging experience with a short-term telesales or telemarketing manager. You don’t have to commit large sums to someone to head your team – certainly not at the moment. Find out more here.

3 reasons to have your phone team’s skills audited

3 reasons to have your phone team’s skills audited. 2 hours on site is all it takes to get an independent assessment of the communication skills of your telephone based team – telesales, telemarketing, customer service or internal sales. An easy exercise to develop your team and customer relationships.

How to make your low value product stand out

How to make your low value product stand out. You may encounter apathy as prospects consider your product too low value to give it much brain space. Develop attention grabbing hooks and use specific facts and data where you can.

Don’t apologise for your sales call

Don’t apologise for your sales call. What you or your team does is an important job. So avoid phrases such as “this is just a brief call” or “this is a quick courtesy call.” Urgh that is horrible, all calls should be courteous. Stop apologising and get on with the job.

The magic ingredient that will help you get on in life – ENTHUSIASM

Enthusiasm and energy makes successful sales people. Our telesales training features work on the true impact of your voice : how a stranger can tell 40+ things about you from the first 6 words of a telephone conversation. Make sure your energy level and enthusiasm give the right image.

Make sure your telesales team is targeted on what you are targeted on

Telesales and telemarketing teams should be targeted on what the managers are targeted on. Too often teams are targeted to achieve something out of line with corporate objectives : for instance sales volume rather than profitable sales …..

Unsolicited telephone sales calls can be illegal

Unsolicited telephone sales calls can be illegal. So this means you can’t simply start calling names and companies at random from a list. Make sure your telephone sales calls are legal by getting your list checked against the Corporate telephone preference service register.

What to do if you lose an order

What to do if you lose an order. It’s about doing the opposite of what you may feel inclined to do. Contact them, find out why you didn’t get the order and learn from the experience. This is what professional sales people do, and it will increase your opportunities for next time.

Hire an interim to support your new telesales team leader or supervisor

If you have a junior or newly promoted telesales or telemarketing team leader, supervisor or manager, they may need some short-term support in setting up the key business systems that will help them with the ongoing managment of the team. We can help with this. KPIs, commission schemes, checking database quality. You name it, we’ve spent many years doing it !