Make your low value product stand out on the phone. Many organisations make a perfectly good living from selling what are referred to as low involvement products or services. These are the types of things customers won’t necessarily spend much time thinking about. They’re frequently low cost too, so the customer won’t even want to spend much time talking about them.

Make your office cleaning service sparkle on the phone

This makes it challenging for you if you’re making telesales or telemarketing calls to get people to switch to you as a new supplier. Let’s consider some examples of the types of products and services I’m referring to ;

  • Accountancy services
  • Disposable hygiene products (toilet rolls etc.)
  • Vending machines
  • Office fire extinguishers
  • Office cleaning
  • Stationery
  • Plants for the office

The list is endless. The likelihood is that most of your calls will be blocked at reception. You won’t get past the gatekeeper. After all why would the Finance Director take a call from a new accountant when he already has one? And chances are the accountancy fees are a small part of what the Finance Director signs off each year.

Companies selling vending machines : Many are profitable, but how do you convince an Office Manager to take your call when as far as they’re concerned it doesn’t add any real value.

You might be responsible for selling within a commercial office cleaning company. You might know that your service is better than the local competition. You might even have a special promotion on. But if you can’t get through to communicate that message to anyone, they’re not going to know are they?! So what to do then ……….?

Develop a hook

As part of your script, you need an angle, a hook, something different to talk about. It may require a bit of thought, a bit of brainstorming in the office, a bit of effort. But if it makes your approach more successful on the telephone it has to be worth it.

You might want to mention that you already supply the local large, well known company around the corner. Saying, “yes we already provide fire extinguishers to Next across the UK” may make them take you more seriously.

If you’ve won an award or got a proper accreditation then again that helps. I always think that if a supplier is part of the their industry’s representative body that confers some professionalism on them, some credibility. Most associations within an industry sector have quality standards, and perhaps qualification criteria. You are probably reassured that the travel agent you’ve booked your holiday with is part of ABTA aren’t you? And that your financial policies are covered by the FSA?

If your service or product saves clients money, that can be a powerful story too. “I’m pleased to say that we have helped ABC Ltd save £20,000 per year on their vending costs at head office because of our ………” That will probably make a facilities manager sit up and take notice. Use specifics wherever you can, it is more impressive and the listener can relate to it more than if you simply say “we’ll save you shed loads of money.” Doesn’t quite have the same resonance does it?

Give it some thought, make your script or call guide or general sales approach lively, interesting and dynamic and you will be more successful at selling more things to more people more often. Simples!

We’ve worked with many organisations in many market sectors including most of the above list ; accountancy services, hygiene disposables, medical & beauty products, PPE (personal protective equipment), office cleaning, office supplies and stationery companies. If these are issues you face in your business, give us a call. Maybe we can help.

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