The magic ingredient that will help you get on in life is ENTHUSIASM and it’s close associate ENERGY.

I often sit there watching TV at night wondering what makes those who offer us advice on all manner of aspects of our life, celebrities. Is it that they’re the most highly qualified in their field? Not usually. Are they the brightest or most experienced? Again not necessarily. But what they all possess in common is enthusiasm for what they do and energy around doing it. This is especially true of the TV chefs. I always think people like Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein really love what they do. The cynic may say, well yes “if I was earning what they were earning, I could be enthusiastic too.” But of course it doesn’t happen that way round does it? You have to put the effort in first and loads of energy, then the rewards will come. Ok, that’s the moralising over!

Enthusiasm and energy are what will get you what you want from life

If you’re selling your business to others as a business owner or director or you’re employed in a sales position, it is really important – vital in fact that you’re communication  reflects this positive attitude and strong belief.

Those of you who have already been on one of courses and done the work on ‘Expression, Energy and Emphasis’ will know that you can tell 40+ things about a total stranger from the opening 6 words of a telephone conversation! Remember grey, red, pink & fluffy and the brown man ?!

The energy in your voice will say more about you than you will ever realise. Make it part of your power of attraction. Jamie does.