Buy some huge experience with a short term telesales manager. There are other alternatives to simply recruiting and committing to the fixed cost that employing your own telesales or telemarketing manager involves.

The job market has changed a lot in the last 12 months or so, and there are a number of high quality people who have previously run successful telesales and telemarketing teams who are now out of work. And frankly the vast majority are open to suggestion.

There are alternative ways of getting the right manager for your team

You are therefore in a powerful position. You hold the cards. You therefore don’t have to recruit in the same way that you used to, at least not at the moment. A good quality interim telesales or telemarketing manager can help you by drawing on wide industry knowledge. You can benefit from cross industry best practice. Chances are the person currently heading your team the telesales manager, telesales team leader or telemarketing supervisor may have more limited experience.

An external interim manager should be able to offer you many things. They will know some great people to speak to, they can provide training for the team, and knowledge of how to set up systems that work, that are proven across industry.

We specialise in business to business for instance and have worked in many market sectors over the years including small business, insurance, packaging, plastic container manufacturing, automotive leasing, board printing, I.T., health and safety products, with directors of small to medium sized business, fork lift trucks,  software,  capital equipment, car finance, car dealerships, marketing agencies, outsourced telemarketing agencies, office cleaning, vending machines, event organisers, paper print, schoolwear, workwear, payroll training, healthcare insurance, optical services, plus many more !

We therefore have some good cross industry experience and we know of a few quality managers who are looking for the right position across the Midlands. For more information about how this may work for you, call us on 01858 461148  or e-mail us Get another job ticked off your list !

We can help you with phone team management and development across the Midlands including Birmingham, Coventry, Daventry, Northampton, Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough, Leicester, Loughborough, Cambridge, St Ives


originally posted 26th Jan 2010