Listening is one of the most valuable skills to a great telesales or telemarketing person. And no I don’t mean that sort of half-listening “I’ll let you talk and look interested while I’m lining up what to say next” kind of listening either!

It is easy in telemarketing or telesales jobs to think we sell by talking : telling them how great our products are and why they’re just right for the customer. But what do most of us like doing most listening or talking? Yes, chances are we like talking. So let your customer do the talking.

Listening makes your job easier too. All you have to do is think while they’re talking. You will also find that once they’ve said their piece, they’ll be more likely to want to listen to you.  Some of this is out of respect because you’ve been prepared to listen to them. Also if they feel they’ve been heard, they are more likely to trust that what you come back will be relevant to them. Selling the easy way huh?

Listening skills – listen in

Something else we frequently cover on To Market training courses is that listening is one of the key rapport building skills. Along with asking open questions, it is a great device to gather the information you need while at the same time displaying interest in them.

It was Dr. Steven Covey in his iconic book “the 7 habits of highly effective people” who detailed the habit Seek first to understand, then to be understood. In other words, listen first, talk second. Call recordings and other ways of playing back yours and your teams sales calls is a great and unquestionable way to give you first hand experience and the chance to analyse the telesales approach. We at To Market love the whole listening thing and it features in our telesales and telemarketing courses which we hold across the Midlands including ;Birmingham, Coventry, Rugby, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Rutland, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Loughborough, Northampton, Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough, Daventry, Leamington Spa, Warwick and Stratford on Avon. For more details on how our training may help your outbound telesales or telemarketing team give us a call on 01858 461148. You talk and we’ll listen.