Of course you do. Every client we ever work with wants to make their team more successful. Training them how to deal more effectively with customers on the phone is why we get involved. But of course this is only bit piece of a long chain of activity. My background is in marketing and when working with clients I’m keen to look at the whole process. There are many parts to the marketing process within your organisation.

  1. Sales process – how easy does your company make it to deal with? How quick does your team respond? How do you record all of this activity?
  2. Skills of team – how skilled is your team are converting opportunities?how good are they at looking for additional opportunities?
  3. Proposals – how quickly do you follow-up? How do you log follow-ups? Do you analyse why you do / don’t get orders?
  4. Visits – how skilled at interpersonal and sales skills are the members of your team? What information is logged from these calls? Do you look at it from time to time?
  5. Internal communication – how does the system work within the company? How does it feel for the customer when they’re dealing with you? 
  6. Website – What’s the customer experience like as they browse your website? Have you ever had an external expert from a digital marketing agency review this for you? Are you missing anything?
  7. Social media – How do you use this to promote your business? Do you throw money at it? Or time? Is it working? How can it be better for you?
  8. CRM – is your CRM system fit for purpose? Does it power all your marketing activity? Is it up to date?
  9. Direct marketing – how are you getting on with e-flyers? Is telemarketing working for you? Do you do any mailings at all?
  10. Interaction with customers – the customer experience – What is it like for customers trying to trade with you? Or lodge an enquiry? Do you get anyone to test this from time to time? Where are the pinch points?

Certainly ensuring you sell more and building a more solid platform for your sales and marketing activities needs a focus on many different areas.

If you’d like to review your sales and marketing process, then let me know info@tomarket.co.uk and we can chat on the phone 01858 461148. We’ll probably then have a chat over a coffee and talk about some specific ideas which may help you. I’m not suggesting that I necessarily have all the answers, but I DO know a lot of clever people.

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