This is an interesting question. Like many things in life of course, it helps if you have a good blend of skills. No one thing is going to make any one phoner more successful than another.

I have observed many qualities in many phoners over many years. Some I have trained, and others I have managed. However the following are certainly good characteristics to get the discussion started.

  • Be organised around call rates. No needless admin. Get in the groove, and do lots of dials. Clearly the higher the dial rate you’re doing, the more opportunities you’ll create.
  • Listen really carefully to what the customers are saying. Try to understand their views from their perspective.
  • Work hard to build trust and integrity. You want to ensure that when they’re finally in buying mode they WANT to give the business to you. Polite Persistance Pays as one former client once told me as I gained my first piece of training work from him.

  • Tenacity. This is important. Much of the time, you will be talking to people who don’t want to buy anything. You will therefore get lots of rejection. But develop broad shoulders and get on with it! After all what their ‘No’ really means is that they don’t want to buy it now. In a year, or 6 months or even one month or a few hours, they may want to look at it again. So don’t give up, and don’t treat a “No thank you” as forever.
  • Ask open questions naturally to find out about the customer’s requirements. It gets them chatting and helps you get much of the information you need. Be inquisitive. We may tell young children off when it comes to asking questions, but in selling it’s a good thing. 

Our whole raison d’etre is about helping telephone based teams become more effective. Telesales, telemarketing, and internal sales are all groups who operate right at the front of the business – developing new sales opportunities.

It’s a tough job. Many people say it’s not for them, but for those that do this vital work, it is important they have the right skills and personality traits to make a first class telesales person or telemarketer.

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