The biggest single factor that determines success for your telesales team. The most obvious contender is perhaps the skill of your telemarketing or telesales person or team. But, I think the most important factor that will ensure your success above all else is data :  quality data.

You might have the best motivated sales personnel in the world, but if they’re calling dud data you’re wasting your time. Just consider if you sell industrial widgets and you’re calling a list of branches of W.H. Smith, Boots or worse still Woolworths (!) you’re wasting resources. Furthermore it’s worse than that, because the most able telemarketers or telesales agents will not tolerate this. They’ll be off  – to a company that is more professional and where they can use their skills and earn more money.

Make sure your data is targeted. The names you’re calling must have a reasonable application for your products or services. Make sure they are researched properly. You can do this yourself. Or you can give the job to a list broker. Good list brokers will be able to supply you with a list of company names to meet the criteria you want including postcode and phone number (of course.) Please don’t forget this last item! I have met people who have !!

And no you can’t simply call numbers out of the Yellow Pages. It’s illegal for one thing. And it certainly isn’t clever.

Certainly my view is that money well spent at the front end of the sales pipeline will more than be repaid by higher success rates.

What is targeting?

Targeting means understanding who buys from you and why. Geographical factors, the size of company, the industry sector they’re in are all part of this.

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