KEEPING THE INNER PERSON QUIET (your guide to listening skills)


CD contents
1 : A difficult subject
2 : The benefits of listening
3 : A practical demonstration
4 : The role of adjectives
5 : The 4 point plan
6 : Here’s a thought

Category: SKU: VOL 1 NO 05 (CD 22)


Listening skills are a key skill for telesales, telemarketing and customer service personnel. You have a lot of knowledge and information that you want to share, but effective and active listening skills are essential to building good customer relationships. Training features this heavily. On this audio CD, you will hear how we listen, and the types of misinformation we process. This audio programme increases your awareness, and helps you do something about it.

It tells you why listening is important, how we listen and process information – it’s not what you think! A reminder of the listening skills exercise is also provided to reinforce the material from the training course.

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