Increase your response rates hugely! This is not an idea we’d suggest, but it is an interesting story nonetheless. Some of you may be aware, you may even have been affected by our e-mailing disaster of a few years ago.

The story about how our regular (monthlyish) eflyer got caught in a loop, and was repeatedly sending the same e-mail at minute intervals for over an hour. To say we weren’t too popular is a bit of an understatement. However I’ve written elsewhere about how this became an amazing and surprisingly positive experience.

Keep your customers smiling – but don’t do it our way!


It got me thinking though. We prompted responses from customers and prospects in huge numbers, much larger than normal. OK, so they were negative responses, but it clearly left an impression. When calling people to apologise, many people commented that it is an effective way of getting people to remember you!

I was also amazed that out of it, 3 companies contacted us with sales leads. I never expected that! I’d like to think that because we were on the case quickly, and all our communication led with an apology it took the heat out of the situation in most instances.

Key learning point

The key learning point is then that thinking outside the square and coming up with new ideas and new ways of communicating them is the way to make people sit up and take notice. Even with a potential disaster, you’ll be amazed how you can turn this to your advantage so effectively, by following a few simple rules. Our previous blog sets out how we did this, here ……

Will we be doing this again though? Finding ways of irritating as many people as possible? No, No. However perhaps all we lack is courage! Be bold!

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