You don’t need me to tell you that the opening of any outbound telemarketing or telesales call is crucially important.

Getting the opening to the sales call right gets you to 2nd base. If the opening isn’t effective, it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your pitch and knowledge is – cos you won’t get there.

Hopefully you’re knowledgeable and positive, and possibly even excited about your company and it’s products. You might be really, really knowledgeable about all your services and the nuts and bolts of how your products work.

So theoretically then, the more you can tell them, the better yes? Tell them about all the wonderful things, you, your company and your products can do?

No. Really No.

Customers aren’t interested in your company. Or about how much you know. They don’t want to fill their head and time with all your blah-blah. No, what they’re interested in is themselves.

How many sales people forget this simple fact? And actually you’d think everyone would realise this because it’s straightforward HUMAN NATURE.

In many cases the ‘sales spiel’ as it is known is all about informing. Telling. Enthusing.  What the prospect really wants to know is what it does for them.

Which leads us to the two sentences that are the most important to your customers and prospective customers:

  1. “Our clients hire us to provide these benefits.”
  2. “They hire us, because we have the ability to help them do things that competitors can’t offer.”

Notice that both of these sentences position you, the seller, as a catalyst that helps the customer achieve the customer’s goals, and then positions your firm as only catalyst that can do the job right. Here are some examples:

Example 1:

Not good:

“We specialise in providing blah-blah services and are one of Britain’s leading providers of blah-blah. We’ve been around since 1970 and turnover £x.


“Many companies in the ‘what’s it’ industry (their industry) use us to help them develop higher sales volumes by helping them target potential customers more effectively. Our CRM software is written specifically for B2B companies like yours.”

Making sure the message is delivered with the receivers thoughts in mind is key to engaging them in the conversation.

Our other tip would then be about asking some questions to get them to talk. You then listen. This is a powerful way of getting them engaged too.

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