Have you considered running an audit on your telephone based team? This is an important part of the training programmes To Market runs with client companies.

Of course, you may already have an idea about how effective your outbound telemarketing or telesales team is. Or you may be broadly happy with how your customer service team interacts with your customers. But how about getting an independent view?

You can carry out an audit yourself of course. However it may be that you don’t get the time to sit with your phone team, or you don’t have the inclination.

There are a number of benefits from commissioning To Market to carry this out for you.

  • It’s an independent view. Truly independent
  • It can serve as an aid to the training to follow
  • It is quick and non-invasive. The team just carries out their usual job on the phone
  • In just a couple of hours some of the tips offered will hopefully improve your team’s performance

How it works

The team audit is a 2 hour exercise carried out with your team on-site at your offices. So, it’s quite quick. You simply choose 4 members of your team and we will work alongside each of them for up to 30 minutes each. Once the exercise is complete on the day, we will offer to do a verbal debrief with you to let you know what we observed.

At that point you can choose which version of the report you want.

  • The report with just the verbal debrief
  • The full written report split into sections

The full written version comes in at a higher fee than the verbal debrief version.

What we suggest

If the team audit is part of an agreed training programme, then you can probably just go with the verbal feedback. Without the written report. However, if you are interested in having something you can refer back to, then we suggest the written report as well. It covers items over and above their telephone skills too. Finally, if we are running the team audit as a pre-cursor to the training, the ideal time to carry it out is a couple of weeks or so before the training programme starts.

Benefits to you

Clients say they find this most useful as it is completely tailored to their individuals, their business and their situation. You can even request a copy of a sample audit report. Just ask. You can drop some details on our contact page.

Or call us today on 01858 461148