Don’t recruit a new telemarketing manager yet. At least, not until you’ve considered this angle. You may feel that you need to make a new appointment. Perhaps to recruit someone into a newly created telesales or telemarketing manager role. You might need someone to drive your team forward. You may not have the time, or maybe the skills, or maybe even the inclination to fulfil this vital role. Or you may be about to take someone into the role as a replacement.

Either way, you can get most of the benefits for a fraction of the cost by taking on an interim team manager. Someone who has been around the block. Someone who knows their way around a team, and a CRM system, and someone who can after all, help you by becoming one of the management team with experience and advice. This has many benefits;

  • You’ll spend less on a freelancer than an employee (in spite of their higher day rate.)
  • You avoid N.I. and other social costs.
  • You are not committed to someone with all the employment law that goes with this.
  • A freelance manager will know they have to be focused on results, not on turning up.
  • You will probably get a better quality manager able to get results quicker
  • Getting the input of someone who is truly independent and may be more impartial than someone depending on you for employment.
  • There are a lot of very good managers available for work at the moment.

We know this works because we already work this way with some clients. A good quality manager can come in for a few days or hours each week. They should be able to help you recruit the right team (if needed.) They will also be able to put in robust and helpful KPI systems so that you can accurately monitor and measure and motivate based on achievement.

They should be on-hand to train, coach, mentor and lead your team too. You can reasonably expect them to learn how your business works fairly quickly too. And if they can contribute ideas around how to improve the team, or business as a whole, then so much the better.

As a case in point, I’m just about to put together some ideas of a new commission scheme for a client and their new telemarketing team. Something which is easy to follow for the team members, which supports  business objectives and which won’t cost the business owner too much for dull sales performance.

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