Training CD

Building an effective effective telephone team. Whether you are looking to establish your own outbound telemarketing or telesales team or your own inbound customer service team, planning is everything.

A few small decisions made in the early development stages can leverage big benefits as your plan comes together. This is like many elements of planning and structuring anything.

Learning on audio CD

We have an audio CD designed to aid you when either setting up or looking for ideas to improve the telephone based team you have. It guides you through the key stages of development.

Just £34.99 gets you some tips on setting up or improving your team

It helps you develop a plan to itemise the key things you will need to focus on to build an effective team.

Track 2 is about targeting people to phone. For telesales and telemarketing teams, this is crucial to ensure that your sales activity is aimed at the correct target market. You might recruit the best telesales people in the land. Frankly if you sell items such as fork-lift trucks and you have a list of butchers and bakers shops, chances are you’re wasting your time.

Setting call objectives is important as it gets you and your team members clear on what is really required within the job role. You may have a series of call objectives : primary, secondary etc. The members of your team must be really clear on what will make them a hero (or a villain!) A primary objective might be to set an appointment with a prospect, or get a sale. But if this can’t be achieved what else is there? Maybe a secondary objective is to find out who they currently buy from and how much. A great objective, and one which would make your sales call valuable. A third objective may be simply to gather an e-mail address. May not seem much, but it will help with future marketing won’t it?

Getting started

… another topic which needs to be given thought. How are you going to get them to work? How will you decide what names they will work? Have you considered how you will manage their performance through effective but above all simple KPI systems? Equipping them with a product ‘bible’ perhaps with pictures of your products will help – especially if you’re in a sector where they’re talking / selling items which aren’t every day items. 

The last track on CD One is about structuring work processes. Doing a large volume of outbound calls is easy to manage as it is the same process repeatedly, but nevertheless it needs to have a structure for both the phoner’s sake and for yours too. Logging calls and updating a database or CRM system is important. The better your structure of recording relevant and timely details, the better your future call activity will be.

The second CD within the 2 CD pack starts with tips and advice on the working environment. The penultimate track is one closest to our hearts (perhaps) the need for training. The final track is about getting the right person. Clearly recruiting the right person for the role is an important consideration.

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