Benefit selling and generally making it easy for your customer to buy is an important part of the sales process. It is all too easy to make assumptions or work on the basis that the more choice you can offer your customer the better – but often the opposite is true. Work on the basis that offering 3 or 4 choices is about right. If you have 55 products or services on offer, give the choice of the 3 or 4 and wait for them to say, “I’m quite interested in that option, but can I have it with ……….. ?” You know the answer is yes, but it stops them being overwhelmed by choice.

Selling benefits not features leads to more sales

Sell benefits to your customer too. Let them know how your product or service will help them, and if you can quantify this benefit – then so much the better. “So as you can see, if you were to take on this product – it would save you £10,000 a year.” You can see how powerful that would be can’t you ?

This was a key point that came out of a recent telesales training course that we ran in Birmingham for a private sector client.

We cover features, advantages and benefits and the necessity to sell benefits on our audio CD “Sell the sizzle, not the bacon” and it guides you through the 4 key benefits that people buy for.

OP 3-3-09