Solid structure

Having a good robust call structure is important. It helps you navigate your way through the call more effectively. It also gives you the confidence that you know what you are doing. Consequently you will probably sound more confident too.

I acknowledge that the phrase scripts isn’t that popular. This is probably an understatement. But that’s because poor practitioners use them badly. They’re not trained how to use them properly. Their employers simply think that if you give someone a standard set of words to say, the selling job is easy. They’re wrong. It isn’t.

Your call guide or call blueprint then is what guides you through your call and ensures you cover the bases. It provides you with an agreed and professional call structure with ‘check points’ along the way. As part of this a professional telesales or telemarketing agent should first complete pre-call planning. Ensuring that you have clear call objectives, understand what you are selling, and why the customer would have a need for the product or service. Furthermore of course, you will be more successful if you have belief in what you’re offering, and a positive, sunny attitude!

Key elements

Other ‘check points’ forming part of the blueprint approach include:

  • Clear introduction – this is designed to spark an initial level of interest.
  • Effective questioning skills – ask probing questions to ensure the conversation goes in the direction you intend. For example, what are their key issues, challenges and goals?
  • Summarise – clarify that you have correctly understood the customer’s situation and needs.
  • Present a solution – do it in a way which clearly links to the customer’s objectives.
  • Dealing with objections – they’re an integral part of selling, so be ready for them. You’ve heard them all before anyway. Rehearse your responses. Get advice from colleagues, sales managers etc.
  • Get the commitment – closing is a question that is all. Don’t fear it. Getting a commitment  could be any one of a number of things. It could be an order of course! But it could also be agreeing to a product demo, a trial, an appointment for one of your field based sales colleagues, or even gathering an e-mail address or finding out who they use at the moment. These are all good outcomes. They’re good because they get you closer to the sale.

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