blending ingredients on a weighscale

What will training look like post Covid-19? Different almost certainly.

You will still need training to keep your team top of their game and ahead of the competition. But the traditional classroom model of learning and training has been compromised. It’ll come back at some point before too long. Nevertheless we’re all waking up to the possibilities of doing things differently. Certainly at To Market we see the future as being blended. Our training programmes in the future will be based around a number of different methods of delivery.

  1. Classroom based. We’re looking forward to getting back to this. Ideal for maximum engagement, continuity and intensity
  2. Virtual live training. Sessions carried out online in 60-90 minute segments. Ideal for ‘remote’ clients and to get some training set up quickly.
  3. Pre-recorded training courses. A small range of courses will be available for you if learning in your own time and remotely suits you better.

All of this will be supported by our You Tube channel with hints, tips and observations that relate to selling and customer service.

Your next step 

If you know that you need some training for your phone-based team : customer service, telemarketing, telesales or internal sales, but you’e not quite sure how to structure it, for maximum benefit, let’s talk. Drop us some outline details here.

We can talk on the phone and then do a more detailed follow-up on Zoom.