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What is blended learning? The future is blended learning. Well, that’s certainly how To Market views the future of training. Both short-term and probably elements of it will remain for ever. It’s certainly the way To Market will structure many of our customer service and telephone sales training programmes in the future. Ultimately, it will result in better quality and more effective training programmes.

Blended learning

Your training with us will be delivered using a blend of different approaches

  • Classroom-based learning. Great for constructing interactive sessions to be run for teams over a series of days.
  • Virtual live training. Built around a series of modules delivered on Zoom. Each session 60 – 90 minutes
  • Pre-recorded training sessions. Online courses will be developed around some of the topics you tell us you need. A series of short recorded modules.

So the future is bright. The future is different. We’re here to help you develop your office based teams interaction with your customers. Better customer service and better sales skills results in more customers, who are happier and who keep coming back.

If you have any questions about how a blended programme may work for you contact us.