piggy bank and coins

Do you believe you need to give your customer facing team some training? As we peer out from under the covers – determined to get the UK economy back up and running again, we all need a little help.

Woman shocked at empty purse

Does it feel a bit like this?

For many of you, you might be aware that you need help. The challenge is thought that there is little money in the kitty. The boss won’t sanction spending, or if it’s your own business, you don’t want to part with your cash. All understandable.

How can To Market help? 

It may be that you could do with some help NOW, but you don’t have the funds NOW. So, to help this logjam,To Market is offering a range of buy-now, pay-later options. We can arrange and run some online training sessions for your team, and you can pay for it over a period of months. If this interests you drop us some details here.

Front line customer interaction 

Your front line staff need to be at the top of their game over the next few months (at least) because customers and their cash will become rarer commodities. Many markets will become more competitive. We can help you equip your staff with the skills they need to win more business with more customers more often.

Training available

To Market specialises in training for telephone based teams.

  • Customer Service
  • Telesales and telemarketing
  • Internal Sales

Training is now online 

For now, all training is conducted online. We run virtual training sessions on Zoom. Generally a one day course is delivered in a series of 5 sessions on Zoom. Each session is interactive and lasts 60-90 minutes.

If this interests you, let’s talk. Drop us your details on our contact us page, and we’ll then call you.

To Market now runs training across the UK. Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Milton Keynes, Bristol, London, Northampton, Peterborough, Cambridge, Oxford.