Using positive language to influence customers is all a part of exceptional customer service. And exceptional customer service is what your customers deserve. It is also what you have to aim for all the time, because if you don’t and one of your competitors does – you come second. There are no prizes for second in sales.

Use positive language with customers – even when saying No !

You may have to give customers messages they don’t want to hear. But how many times do business people make the situation worse by the WAY they deliver the message ?

We talk about this on customer service training courses in the Language to Influence module. One of the first words we talk about is the word ‘No.’ It is just such a confrontational word. It leaves no room for manoeuvre on either side and it sounds like there isn’t any further discussion to be had.

And if it sounds confrontational the customer is not going to like it are they ? And who is going to win in that situation. Well it’s not going to be you is it ? The customer is in the stronger bargaining position. It is far far better to use conciliatory language such as

  • “while  I can’t do that for you, what I could offer you is ………”
  • or “well actually we don’t do it that way and it’s because ……” (then you explain policy)
  • I can think of a better solution in fact – what I suggest is ……..”
  • alternatively …..

These are all much more powerful as they keep the dialogue going with the customer, and that after all is what you want.