I carried out some work recently for a company selling engineering consumables. Part of the sales work covered upselling, cross-selling and switch-selling. Let’s start with Upselling.

All companies are interested in this – in increasing the value of the average order.  Why wouldn’t they be? It will frequently mean a better experience for the customer too. And that ultimately is what it’s about, otherwise they won’t come back, will they?

Upselling is about adding revenue to the sale. Principally there are 2 ways of doing this. Getting the customer to buy another product from the range which is more of a premium version probably. You’re about to sell them the L, but you persuade them to take the LS. This is likely to have better functionality, or better quality and a higher price. Alternatively, it may be about getting them to buy more products than they originally came in for.

Some top tips

Here are some ideas from training that would work as upselling ……….

  • Offer them consumable products (to go with the product or piece of capital equipment that they came in for) which most people will use. So ask. Remember the maxim “if you don’t ask, they can’t say yes!”
  • Be cheeky!
  • Offer promotions
  • Look to bulk sell. This is easier on low cost items as they are ‘low involvement purchases.’
  • Talk about additional synergistic products : the tools, the inks, the fuel, the insurance, the charger, the protective cover, an additional battery etc.
  • Offer larger quantities with mixed products
  • Sell sets
  • Look for linked products for hardware etc.
  • Look to introduce new products too “not sure if you’ve seen this but ……….”

As with any type of selling it takes a bit of effort. So, prepared to do the groundwork and it will pay dividends. This means working out what type of customer you’re dealing with each time, and offering them relevant products. Just trying to offer everything to everyone definitely won’t work. You’ll irritate people. So, find out a bit about them by asking some questions.

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