“I’m sorry. So-and-so doesn’t accept sales calls. You’ll have to write in.” Or another one I’ve heard is “I’m sorry you have to have a phone appointment with them. You’ll need to write in.”

These are all part of the hazards we have to navigate I’m afraid. Fortunately, they’re not too common, but if you haven’t heard these knock-backs yet and you make outbound calls – you will!

A telemarketing tip 

One of the things I’ve found works quite often is to try a different route to get through to them. You’ve probably been trying the ‘press 0 for reception’ or whatever and it’s the receptionist who is blocking you. That’s fair enough. They’re only doing their job. They’re only doing what they’ve been told to do. So don’t worry. Don’t invest any emotion in the situation.

But try one of the other options. ‘Press 1 for customer service’ will often be a good route to go. I’ve also found that accounts people are generally pretty helpful. You simply try one of the other number options though and ask to speak to the named contact you’re trying to get through to. Because they’ve not been primed to reject all calls to your contact, they won’t know the line. You may find that this works. It certainly has for me, on more than one occasion.

Ironically, I also find that the decision-maker once you’re through to them is charming, open and talkative.

For some more general tips on getting past the gatekeeper, have a look at this article more tips on getting past the gatekeeper. 

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