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The rise of telemarketing – post GDPR. The new regulations (General Data Protection Regulations) have changed the landscape in terms of approaching prospective new customers.

This will lead to a rise in importance for telemarketing as a prospecting tool. There are limited ways of communicating with your customer base post GDPR.  Advertising costs big money. Which is fine of course if it works. The idea of expensive marketing is misleading. It is all about what return you get from it. A £10,000 advert is not necessarily expensive. If it brings in £100,000 of additional business you could say it was ‘cheap.’

You could expand your postal activities. Hopefully we’ll see more great postal pieces. And by great, I mean well targeted and creative. Use some eye catching graphics and a strong call to action.


Then there’s telemarketing. It has got many advantages. It is a chance to engage in dialogue with customers and prospects. In terms of quality contact, this is only bettered by being there eyeballing a customer or prospect. It is a great way of hearing what is going on in the market place. You also get to know them as a person. Which football team they support, where they went on holiday and interesting stuff that you can build a relationship around.

telemarketing training post GDPR

From the comfort of your office or your chair at home, you can talk to a number of people who may or who do use your products or services. Costs are pretty low as phone call costs have fallen in real terms over the years especially with the advent of VOIP phone systems. Admittedly it is more difficult to get hold of the right person these days. I monitor these stats and while it used to be possible to get through to 3 – 3.5 decision-makers per hour 10 years ago, that rate has fallen to 2 – 2.5. So a real terms drop of 50%.

But with well targeted telemarketing and mailing, there are still lots of effective ways of communicating with your target audience. Marketing will never stop. You just have to rebalance the marketing mix perhaps.

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