Many vending machine companies use telesales teams to develop new business. To Market has been commissioned by many vending machine operators to help improve the appointment rate of the office based sales team. Alternatively some vending machine companies allocate a day a week or so for their field sales representatives to book their own appointments. The way you structure this will largely depend on the size of your company.

Vending machines – Big in Japan

In Japan according to the Japanese Vending Machine Association, there is one vending machine for every 23 people ! So vending machines are clearly big in Japan. So plenty of room for growth in the UK market then ?! 

We’ve done telesales training for vending machine companies and helped them improve their telephone sales call structure, and helped implement a more disciplined approach to making these proactive business development calls.

We also carry out team audits on teams like yours. On one visit to a vending industry company we spotted that although their product knowledge was good, they didn’t spend enough care and talk time building rapport on the calls. As a result their appointment rates were poor.

With a programme of training, we were able to address this and in the 3 months after training, appointment rates increased 30%. Not everyone perhaps wants this rate of business growth, but if you’ve read this far I suspect you do !!

originally posted 30th October 2009