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Recently I worked with an industrial company in Northampton. I ran some additional training for their telephone sales team. For this second phase of work, we used call recordings as the basis of the training. I notice that more and more companies have the ability to record calls now. This is standard practice in consumer call centres of course. Nevertheless, it can give great benefits to most companies who deal with customers over the phone.

Admittedly where I work with clients and the training programme includes working with some recorded calls, I like to have done the classroom based training with the team first. That way hopefully I can establish some credibility with them before analysing their calls.

Recorded calls for follow-up coaching

However running subsequent sessions using recorded calls means that the training can be more tailored to the team’s needs. As well as to real life conversations with customers and actual call outcomes of course.

Perhaps you record calls for your telephone sales team or customer service group and you’re not convinced that you get the most from them. From a personal development and training perspective, you want to get the most value from them, so talk to us.

We can help you with bespoke and independent feedback for your team. Plus of course we can also offer you some tips and pointers about how the team can get the most value out of each call.

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