Recently I ran a 2 day telemarketing programme for a B2B company in Peterborough. The team audit was carried out a couple of weeks in advance and 2 major things came out of it.

  1. There wasn’t enough benefit selling going on during the call and
  2. They weren’t as good at dealing with objections as they wanted to be

The training programme covered a lot of other stuff of course, but we spent a fair amount of time on these 2 topics. These 2 subjects, benefit selling and objection handling are common to all outbound sales calls and key to lifting conversion rates.

Benefit selling

Post-training, the team I’d worked with admitted that (in hindsight) they didn’t do enough benefit selling. Sarah said on her post-course form “I now realise that I need better knowledge about our products so that I can explain them in a more interesting way.” Rory had a different viewpoint “I need to be much bolder with benefit selling. Just explaining our products won’t do it.”

To Market – telephone skills training

You all sell a range of products and or services. And mostly anyone you speak to can get them from a number of alternative providers. So you have to fit the products or services you’re offering to the needs of the customer. By all means tell them how many you’ve sold worldwide. Or the length of the warranty if that is impressive to reassure them that you’ll support them. You might want to drop in well-known customer names. You’ll tempt them to think “if it’s good enough for Rolls-Royce / Coca-Cola / Reuters it ought to be good enough for us.”

Remember that customers are interested in products or services that save money or save time. “Our latest XRS range performs 30% faster than the previous range – the one you’re using at the moment.” Alternatively they’ll be pleased to hear that “with our latest range because of the improvements to the xyz component, we’ve now extended the service intervals to 10,000 hours.”

If you sell in consumer markets you can also position your product in an aspirational way. “I don’t know whether you’re aware but we’ve just started supplying Harrods.”

Make your products or services sound interesting. Just describing what you have on offer is unlikely to make them want to buy yours rather than someone else’s.

Objection handling 

The major objections should be known by all. They’re mostly the same across industry sectors.

  • “We buy the same thing cheaper elsewhere.”
  • “I’m quite happy using ABC at the moment.”
  • “I had a bad experience with your products in the past.”
  • “We’re tied into a 3 year agreement with DEF at the moment.”

So the point is, you should be ready for them. There’s nothing new under the sun. Within a few weeks of starting a new sales / telemarketing job you will have heard all the reasons people don’t want to buy from you.

Make sure that you know how your sales manager, director wants you to handle these and also do the same with your colleagues. Find out how they handle these objections. Because you’ll all be getting the same feedback from different customers. Don’t get too clever though. Phrases such as “ok, so you’re not interested in saving money then?” aren’t clever. They’re just rude.  The whole conversation needs to feel like a proper and natural conversation between 2 human beings.

Get clued up and get ready.

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