We offer training –  Telemarketing, telesales and customer service team development in car companies.  We’ve worked with many over the years ; 

  • dealers
  • finance divisions
  • vehicle leasing
  • car dealerships
  • after sales including service and parts

The recent troubles and global overcapacity of the motor industry have been well documented, but the clouds are beginning to lift for many. Customers are still a precious resource and many companies are saying to us that they want their customers to enjoy visiting the dealership and dealing with the service coordinator or the parts manager.

Car companies are gearing up with quality training to increase conversion rates

Many dealerships now look really funky with their glass sides, polished floors and coffee machines on tap. But it is the human element that has the most impact. Studies show that customers across all industries attach 80% of their customer service experience to the human interaction they have.  It’s not about the coffee, it’s about Sarah or Tom and whether they smile or not !

Car dealerships, car finance, leasing, car sales, vehicle after sales can all benefit from some tailored onsite training, as the market begins to come to life. Contact us on 01858 461148 if you’d like to discuss developing your own team.