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Selling is about activity. Admittedly there are a few other things that matter too, such as good people skills, enthusiasm and knowledge of your product. That is all great, but amongst everything else, you must put in the activity. If you talk to 1,000 people over a given period, it stands to reason that you have 10 x the chance of success, compared to only talking to 100 people. It is amazing how often companies or team managers allow the outbound phoning role to get diluted away from making calls. Is there anything so important as seeking out new sales opportunities? 

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

Measure your telephone sales activity. It is useful always to know your dial rates : how many dials you do over the period (I tend to view a month as a good measure) and also per hour. This you should be aware of in real time. I target myself at 20 dials per hour, and in the last hour I did 17. OK, so I’ll pick it up a bit next hour. Although of course I did have 5 great and lengthy decision-maker conversations last hour, so that’s ok. You shouldn’t beat yourself up over your activity rates. But they’re a useful guide and they help you stay focused and motivated.

I frequently work with companies to start counting how many decision-makers are spoken to over a given period as well. This will partly depend on the sector you’re phoning into and the seniority of your target. We refer to this as your DMP rate (decision-maker presentations.) These are of course your selling opportunities. You can’t sell to people who are on holiday, at lunch, won’t take sales calls, in a meeting etc. So it’s important to record the DMP rate. The third measure is the conversion rate, which I record as the percentage of sales, appointments (whatever) you achieve from your DMPs. For instance if you speak to 100 decision makers over 4 days and set sales appointments with 18 of them, then yes (you’ve guessed it) your conversion rate is 18%. Simples huh?!

The fourth measure we’ll leave for another day. We regularly get involved helping companies set up some metrics and powerful management tools to help them manage their telephone based team more effectively.

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