Refreshing drink with mint & lemon

Training has changed. To Market is still doing it but of course there are a few fundamental differences.

  1. It’s all online now. We’re running bespoke and in-house courses using Zoom
  2. Modules are shorter. We know that 1 – 1 1/2 hours is the maximum anyone can concentrate for
  3. It costs less than it did!

There are a few key principles though that we want to stick to. We will always make our courses interactive and engaging. The client feedback we get is that the course participants much prefer it that way. Have a look at some of the comments we’ve had.

The future of training

Some of it may go back to how it was before the pandemic, but much of it may not. Or of course, future training will be some sort of hybrid. To Market courses will likely be a combination of face-to-face classroom sessions supported by a range of onscreen workshops. That way, you can get the best fit training to suit your budget.

Sales and customer service

You may be getting your team back together again now. Some of this may involve working from home, and some will involve teams working in the office, or working in rotation.

If you recognise that your team needs a little help, a refresher to help them get back into the swing of work again, we can help.

Customer Service and Sales telephone training at the moment can be run in-house for you – for your team – possibly split into smaller groups. That way you can ensure you have phone coverage, and you will also get more out of your investment with us working with smaller groups. We like to make sure everyone is involved.

We’ve also started running open courses too – see dates on the Courses page.

For a more detailed chat about what we could do for you, let us have some basic details on our contact page and we’ll contact you.