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Poor telemarketing and telesales gives us all a bad name. So for my sake – don’t do it!

I often find (as I suspect you do) that many members of the public have a dim view of telemarketing and telesales people. Even managers in companies associate telemarketing with “those annoying people” who call you in the evening when you’re trying to get your tea / get the kids bathed / watch the football or whatever.

But it doesn’t need to be like this. Really. A bit of planning and thought and focus and ambition will ensure that you do it properly.

I read an article a while ago that came up with a number of great points relating to telemarketing done poorly. And as someone who spends a large part of their working life on the phone, I’ve no objection to people calling me. However it is surprising how bad the standard of calls from the average telemarketer is. Despite the fact that I tend to take much of our approach and success for granted, we’re actually pretty flippin’ good at this. Mainly because we care to do it properly.

Consider these.

5 Top tips

1 – Don’t bother doing any research – Many calls are from utilities services. A little bit of research would show that the building is a serviced office.  A quick search on Google will have given you this information and saved both you and I some valuable time.  This also applies to ensuring you’re talking to the right person in the right position. If you don’t know, treat the call as an enquiry/information gathering exercise.

2 – Ask the prospect how they are – This is such a naff question on a cold call. I’m busy, I’ve just had my day interrupted by a sales call. If you truly want an answer to the question “how are you today” the answer is most likely to be “rather annoyed, I’m busy and you’ve just called me up trying to sell me something I don’t want/need”.  Gone is the time when this works.  This leads us onto point 3 …….

3 – Don’t get to the point – the second you called, the overriding thought in my head is “what does this person want?” By asking how I am, using lots of uums and and errs, seeming unwilling to actually tell me what the benefit is to me of continuing the conversation, again you’re wasting yours and my time.  Get to the point, tell me what the benefit is of that point. If it’s useful to me, we’ll carry on talking, if not, you can call someone else who might be interested.

2 more tips…

4 – Tell me how amazing you are – if you’re really determined to carry out telesales/telemarketing calls badly, way before you’ve established my need or whether I’ll potentially be interested, give me as many benefits of your product/service as soon as you can in the conversation in the hope that one of them will hit the spot and result in a sale. Don’t give me a chance to speak. I might come up with an objection. Whatever you do, don’t listen to anything I might have to say. After all it’s not as important as what you’re saying is it, right?!

5 – Read from a script in that rather dull vocal tone that gives the game away instantly. Many companies believe they’ve found the optimum call structure. Planning it down to the smallest detail and giving everyone a set of words to follow, ensures the greatest success doesn’t it? On every call?  Well actually if you forget the call is being conducted by a human talking to another human, so ‘No’ it won’t.  If it doesn’t sound as if you know what you’re talking about, and you’re actively engaged in a conversation with me, why on earth would I want to buy from you?  I know this is probably the 50th call you’ve made today. You’ve had to say the same thing to the previous 49 people. But, for goodness sake, put some personality into it.  Learn your script to the point where it sounds natural, and mix it up a bit. Tailor your introduction but, above all, sound like a human. Someone I might like to converse with.

Other than that, I’m happy for you to call me, just be good at it!

To Market can help

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