happy motivated team

Having a happy, motivated team communicating with your customer base is clearly important. After all if members of your team don’t sound like they believe in it, then why would anyone else?

Those who work within the telemarketing industry have to acknowledge that telemarketing (even as a label) divides opinion, both in terms of how companies view its relevance to them, and also how it is received by their target market.

Admittedly, I’m slightly biased, but I’ve been a big fan of phone contact for a long while now. Right from the early days managing a team that used to generate bucket loads of appointments for field based sales people selling capital equipment, through to it being the main source of new clients for To Market. The telephone gets you into 2 -way dialogue with customers and prospects, in a way that an e-mail simply can’t. Also because the telephone is based on a dialogue, it is much quicker than a series of written communications. And all of this from the comfort of your office, home whatever. Less hassle with motorways and trains and the rest. Of course you don’t get through to the correct contact on every call. But the same rules of engagement apply in any other sales approach too.


There are some things that it is wise to do though to increase your chances of success. First ensure you’ve got your targeting right. Calling a lot of names who would and could never buy what you sell will quickly demotivate you.  A few hours working out (hopefully you already know) who your target customers are will pay huge dividends.

Second consider yours or your colleagues approach on the phone. These are a few tips;

• Get your words and approach sorted out in advance (scripted if you will)

• Go to it positively. This involves smiling and being happy 🙂

• Work out what the key objections you will face and prepare your response.

• Get clear on what your services and products are and do, and most importantly what the benefits are for your prospects

• Keep your calls and approach short and punchy. Waffle doesn’t work – despite what you may think!

So obviously plan your regular calls or campaigns around a set approach, backed up with some industry knowledge and build in some fun. Set targets and celebrate achievements and milestones achieved.

And if you’re the team manager, consider what you can do to keep your team cheerful and motivated. And this is about a lot more than money.

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