These are still challenging times for many businesses. You don’t need me to tell you that. But an experience recently with a client underlined the importance of keeping your ship steady. Plot your course, set sail and stick to your plan. Unwavering management also means it is easier to communicate the vision to the other members of your team or company. Everyone can pull together if they know what they are doing. And if the destination (aka goals / objectives) are the same today as they were yesterday. And the same yesterday as they were last week, and last month – then it is easier for consistent and concerted action to follow.

A client in logistics and storage recently took on additional warehousing in Northampton to aid growth of the company. It wanted to grow it’s supply availability. The warehouse has remained empty for many months, which must have been costing the business owner lots of money. However, he never wavered. His stated aim was to get product into the warehouse. He communicated this message at just about every meeting I attended with his management team. “Your job……” he would say to the collective team “… to fill this warehouse.”

Wise words : Face facts first of course, but keep the faith

Everyone in the management team knew exactly what needed to be done. The team worked together to come up with ideas. Marketing and sales resources were aligned with the goal. But he never gave up. No stamping of feet, no emotion, no threats, just restating of his key short-term business goal.

And a couple of weeks ago, the first deal was struck. The warehouse is likely to be 65% full in a matter of weeks, with discussions in progress with a number of other interested parties. The irony is that it is highly likely that the business will have outgrown it’s present warehouse facilities in a matter of months.

Keep the faith

Clearly it is important that the path you are on is the right one. But if you’ve done your research properly and the various options have been discussed with all the people who know your business, you will have the confidence to make your decisions about the priorities for your business or department. Then communicate them consistently and frequently.

Even in the current business climate, quality decisions will yield quality results. Hold firm.

The best of luck.

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first published 31st October 2012