talk to the hand woman

I’m not interested – thank you!

Sadly this is an occupational hazard for all telemarketers and telesales personnel. The decision-maker you finally get through to may be short and blunt and perhaps polite, but clearly not interested in what you have to offer. So you’re going to delete or archive them, removing them from your callpot? Yes?

Well, no, not necessarily. There will of course be companies you decide not to call again, but base your decision on the potential within the account, not the person you speak to. Naturally you’ll be tempted not to call this person again. You may decide that you’ll leave it a year. Fine.  Nevertheless if you believe that this company or organisation could potentially use your products or services, then it is worth some future effort.

It is tempting to be guided at all times by what the person says. But remember they’re expressing an opinion largely, and they may not always be there – they may leave, or you may have caught them at a bad time.

They may say to you that they never buy your sort of service, but if they’re in an industry sector you supply, it is worth a call in the future.

Many people at the moment will tell you they’re not spending on your types of products because they have no budget, but this isn’t for ever. It is worth diarising for future contact and in a year’s time you may be asking them the same questions, and you may get the same answers. But one day it will change! For the sake of a 5 minute phone call it is worth maintaining contact.

You call one day, to find that there is a new decision-maker – a new person in charge with their own thoughts and views. You’re off and running with a whole set of new opportunities.

Create your own luck! From Jack Nicklaus “it’s funny, the harder I work, the luckier I get.”

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OP 31-07-12