Jaguar XF

Check How the Jaguar salesman missed a sale, by ignoring one of the basics of good selling. Get to know your customer first, before you try and be all clever and sell to them. Remember the old adage LISTEN FIRST, TALK SECOND.

Jaguar XFThis is of course a true story – one I heard from a client.

A business man went to look at the Jaguar XF in the showroom. He went with his father, who had recently bought a top of the range Jaguar XJ from the same dealership. He was happy with his purchase so persuaded his son to try Jaguar.

They went out on the test drive which was by all accounts an interesting experience. The young salesman was keen to demonstrate how fast it was – WHOOSH ! And how quickly it accelerated, and generally how powerful it was. All sounds fantastic doesn’t it? Just the ideal type of car any young business man might want. Probably just the type of car the salesman likes to drive.

The buyers perspective

Only problem is, he isn’t the customer is he? At the end of the test drive, the older, wiser father, the one with the XJ put one simple question to the salesman. “Do you know what he does for a living ?” he asked referring to his son” “No”, the salesman replied, looking a little quizzical. “He’s an accountant” said the prospective customer’s father. It seems he’s much more interested in mpg than mph.

And that was it, the car wasn’t bought. The point is the salesman forgot the very basics of getting to know his customer first and it probably cost him a sale. And some commission.

It is really important to get to know your customer and work out what makes them tick. What is important to them? Check what are they looking for from your product or service. What do they use at the moment? Who supplies them and why?  These are all crucial things to know and will tell you all the key things you need to know in order to sell to them.

IGNORE THIS AT YOUR PERIL. You have been warned!

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