Market seller

Good selling might not always seem like selling. This is an oxymoron perhaps.

Sales trends

Customer behaviour has changed massively in the last 15 years or so. And will do post-pandemic probably. In the past buyers (generally) lacked knowledge. Therefore they had to rely on sales people to inform them. This process therefore gives the sales person the chance to ‘persuade.’

But now what do we do when we want to buy something significant? A new camera perhaps, or a new broadband supplier, a food mixer or a new set of golf clubs. Most likely, we start by looking on the internet. At this point we’re not looking to buy necessarily. We’re looking for information to make our ultimate purchase decision an informed choice. And we value independence and impartiality above all. Consider the growth of Trip Advisor, Amazon, Trustpilot,, ebay and, plus countless others.

What customers want 

Our approach to customers will therefore be most likely to succeed when it matches how they (the customer) operates when we’re NOT there!

So make sure you’re familiar with the features and benefits of your product or service. Offer them advice. This needs to reflect alternatives. Offer them the chance to try your product or see it demonstrated.

No pressure – certainly not in B2B selling. But watch them, consider their body language, listen closely to them and consider what they are looking for. Relate to that, and offer them reassurance if they’re behaving in a way which suggests that they’re unsure.

Leave it with them by all means, but keep in contact. Be professionally persistent by all means but no pressure. If they say they need a week to think about it, give them a week to think about it. Then contact them again, if they suggested that they were interested, or were making a decision.

Sales tactics I hate

There are many tactics sales people use to apply pressure, which I think insult our intelligence. The ol’ chestnut where the sales person, says I’ve had a word with my manager and he / she says I can only do it for you at this price if you agree to do it today. Poppycock. If they’re happy to sell it to you at this price today, they’ll be happy to do it at that price tomorrow.

Make your approach honest and ensure you build credibility in your B2B sales relationships. Because it’s YOU they buy from, not the company. And once they know they can trust you, it’ll make a massive difference.

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