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Getting past the gatekeeper. A topic close to the heart of all us who make outbound calls in order to generate business.

This will be the third training module we will run as part of the bite-sized programme. If you want to see the full schedule check out bite-sized.

Each of our topics will be a 45 – 60 minute session on Zoom. If you’ve not used Zoom before, it’s pretty easy really. We can always do a 1-2-1 before the session starts so that you feel comfortable with it.

Tips on getting past the gatekeeper 

It’s important to master this bit, to preserve your sanity as much as anything. So, we’ll start by talking about the balance of power and why you need to respect the gatekeeper.

We’ll talk about some ideas and tips for knowing when to try and engage with them, and when to try and avoid them. This has been built up over 20 years of phoning on the front line.

So, join us on May 19th at 10:30. The lockdown fee is just £30 as we recognise that many company’s cash flow is a bit shaky at the moment.

To raise your hand, simply give us your details here.