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Usually on our 2 day interactive telephone communications skills courses we have a lively session discussing the fundamentals of communication – the key things that we like about other people’s communication skills and the things we don’t like. This is the first group exercise we do.

This is known as the green and red list. Green for things we like, red for those we don’t.

By that time we’ve already spoken about the fact that you only get one chance to make a first impression and that people buy from people. 

Our green list will typically feature such likes as ….we like it when people;

  • Listen properly
  • Show interest in us
  • Are happy / smiling
  • Have enthusiasm
  • Are helpful

The red list features such crimes as ;

  • Being patronising
  • Waffling
  • Mumbling
  • Talking too slowly
  • Being arrogant
Training audio CD

The Fundamentals of communication on audio CD

Of course the list that we build up is the same list pretty much, regardless of where the exercise is carried out. It doesn’t matter whether the group is all female / all male, public sector or private sector, old or young, the green and red list is always pretty much the same.

One of our range of CDs covers this point available through our Associated Learning Systems shop.

I’ve learned while carrying out this exercise with many people over many years that much of what appears on the green and red list comes back to 2 key principles ;

  • Respect
  • And making it easy

So, if you act with and demonstrate respect for the other person, and you do what you can to make communication easy for them, you’ll about have good communication cracked. If only everyone remembered these key points.

To Market’s range of telephone skills courses cover this and a number of other pearls of wisdom.

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