Apparently there’s a bit of a recession on at the moment ! Only last week (mid January) the figures came out to confirm it ! Well that’s come as a bit of a bolt out of the blue hasn’t it ?!

It has been said by many wise people that “you can’t change what has happened to you, but you can decide how you will deal with it.”

So let’s get a positive attitude and get over it shall we ?!

Apparently this has been one of the longest bear markets for a while – 16 years. There is normally a market correction or recession every 10 years or so. Our job then is to come up with strategies and ways of dealing with it.

Now is the time to review the products and services you offer your customers. You have got time to try new ideas, now is the time to review your communication strategy with all of your customers – both those who are still with you, and those who used to buy your products and have stopped for whatever reason.

Now is the time to look at getting some ideas from your front line troops on ways your organisation could improve, and now is the time to look for some additional training and development ideas for them. They may well need help and motivation to help you win the business that is out there at the moment.

Even if you haven’t got any more than £100 to spend, you can still have access to the training CDs available through Associated Learning Systems They’re currently only £16.99 delivered and ordering is easy through PayPal. They cover customer service training, telesales tips, telemarketing techniques and ideas on self-development.

Remember one of Churchill’s lesser known quotes  “I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else.” How true.