Get more flexibility with a short term telesales manager for your team. You may be looking to beef up your team with the appointment of a manager. Perhaps you could promote someone from within the team. Maybe they lack some of the experience in the short -term. Alternatively you could look to hire someone who is the finished article – but naturally they cost more. You do have a third option. You could hire in an outside manager for a short period of time – to help you set up the structures and management processes. That way you get the experience and expertise without the ongoing financial commitment.

You have a limited commitment, and it will keep their focus on results for you. Naturally if they don’t help you and your company produce better results quickly, you won’t be keeping them on, will you ?!

You have options too, in terms of the number of days per month you hire them for. Generally we suggest 4 or 5. You have no social costs (NI, sickness etc), and you’re not paying turning up money. In other words they are there to do a job and produce.

Hiring an interim telesales manager may give you better flexibility in 2010

There are many things a quality telesales or telemarketing manager can help you with. You can agree with them how to set up systems of telesales management. This way once they’ve set them up, you can then administer them yourself without the large overhead. Have a look at our published article at ezine articles for some of the detail.

You can also pick their brains about other forms of marketing for your business.  Development of your website, and other ideas on how to build inbound marketing are also important. Additionally a good telesales or telemarketing manager will probably have some great contacts especially if they’ve been in a consultancy type of role before. If you want to discuss how this may work for you, contact us, and we can tell you more about our experiences in this field helping clients.