Customer service training for your service desk is an important training topic at the moment it seems. Increasing numbers of companies are talking to us about customer service training for their after sales or service desk team.

Customer Service training for after sales is a hot topic

This is partly about making the customer enjoy the experience of dealing with you. Customers with computers, cars, fork lift trucks, floor scrubber driers have a choice of where they go to for after sales servicing. It is  important they leave feeling cared for, that they’ve been treated fairly and they aren’t being ripped off.

There are many situations in your car dealership or service area that have to be handled sensitively. For instance how do you handle presenting a larger bill than the customer was expecting – in these trying times ?!

How do you also ensure that when your technician identifies some work that needs doing, this gets converted into business for your service team ? How do you avoid the person driving out and getting the work done elsewhere ? Many car dealerships are monitoring these figures now, and often conversion rates are poor. In fact less than 40% on 2 occasions we’ve been involved in recently.

Think what an increase to 50% conversion would do for your business. Talk to us if you’re serious about making a difference – with a strong desire to improve the experience  your customers have of dealing with your organisation.

Finally – How do you deliver bad news ? Using positive language will make a big difference. A separate article has been added on this issue recently.

To Market runs customer service, telesales and telemarketing training in many service lead organisations including car dealers, fork lift truck dealers, industrial washer scrubber dryers, machine tool companies, computer software providers, I.T. support companies, car dealerships, agricultural machinery suppliers, motor factors, computer retailers as well as a wide range of business to business, and industrial sales organisations.

Originally posted Nov 10th 2009