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To Market runs training courses to help improve your customer service, telesales or internal sales team. You probably knew that already. The first part of the programme is usually to carry out the pre-course team audit. A 2 hour session on-site at your offices, sitting alongside up to 4 members of your team over 2 hours.

We’re also now expanding our post-course coaching work. Using some great whizzy software, we can provide a mix of coaching sessions both on-site and off-site. Refract works by recording calls. The agent simply logs in before making their calls. It allows you to analyse the metrics for how the call is conducted. Most clients discuss with me how they can get their team members to follow the path of the ideal call. And to ensure they ask all the right questions. Well now you can, without five figure investment too.

How it works

Some of the things it will do for instance include;

  • Count how many words your team member says v. the customer. We all know how much sales people can ramble!
  • The average speaking speed of your team members. This is an important aspect of good communication. Often sales people talk too fast. Customer service agents too, as they’re very familiar with the processes.
  • Key words or phrases. Maybe you want to ensure that your team look for upsell opportunities. You can count and record how many times these are said. This helps you manage your team effectively and monitor for call quality.
  • Key ‘No-nos.’ Maybe you don’t want your team to eagerly offer discount or money back. Well, again, you can count how many times these trigger words are said.

You can see how this could really help can’t you? The opportunity to develop this in all sorts of directions. You could start giving out ratings for call quality per member of your team. I wouldn’t suggest you reward on it, for reasons I’ve explained elsewhere. But you can at least acknowledge who is trying to cover all the bases and conduct the ideal call.

If you are interested in this, the next stage would be to set up an online demonstration. So all you give up is a little time : 30-40 minutes I estimate, and that is it. It could just revolutionise your team. Contact me on info@tomarket.co.uk if you want to find out more.

To Market helps with the training and development of telephone based teams : customer service, internal sales, telesales and telemarketing across the Midlands. Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Northampton, Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough, Milton Keynes, Coventry, Warwick, Solihull, Lichfield, Peterborough, Newmarket, Cambridge as well as wider parts of the East and West Midlands.