Rusty number 5

Many people seem to think that telemarketing or telesales is an easy job to do. “Easy to do, hard to do well” perhaps. Anyone can be a telemarketer, in the same way that I can play snooker. Can I play snooker? Yes. Can I play it well? Absolutely not. If you know me, you will know what I mean!

“All it involves is talking to people all day every day on the telephone, from the comfort of a nice clean, warm environment.” I remember times when I interviewed people for their first outbound telesales or telemarketing job. They would explain that their credentials for the role are that “I love talking to people on the phone socially!” Not quite what I was looking for!

It is hard picking out 5 particular qualities, that mark out a top telemarketer. Tomorrow I might give you a different 5. But for today, here are 5 qualities of a top telemarketer to get you thinking.

5 top tips
  1. Good communication skills – it is important to work on these. All the things we typically cover on a 2 day telephone skills course come in useful here. Listening, questioning, vocal tone, the ability to be able to direct the conversation, sell benefits and not be phased by objections are all part of the mix.
  2. Motivation – it is amazing how often successful people are not necessarily well qualified or academically-gifted. But they have a clear idea of what they’re trying to achieve and an enthusiasm about getting there. Make sure this is a good description of you. After all if you’re setting out to persuade others, first you have to believe in it yourself.
  3. Thick skin – aka resilience. When you’re making outbound calls, be aware you’re opening yourself up to rejection. Repeatedly! It doesn’t feel good, but we all go through it. It is therefore about how you learn to cope with it. And remember that even when they say ‘No’ all that means is ‘No’ to what you’re offering today, now. It doesn’t necessarily meant they’ll say ‘No’ tomorrow. They might be open to other approaches, or other products. Or maybe you’ve caught them on a bad day.  Assess the potential of the account and let that guide you about when to make the next call. This to me is more important than necessarily the person you speak to. They may leave next week.
  4. Organisation – knowing your way around the CRM system and your administration system can save significant amounts of time. Then that time saved can be switched into more customer facing sales time. More time leads to more opportunities, and more opportunities leads to more sales or appointments set.
  5. Always learning – I’ve noticed that great telemarketing and telesales people are always keen to learn. Slightly ironic but when I’ve carried out this exercise with clients, we frequently find that there is a strong correlation between the top performers in a team and the highest satisfaction marks awarded by individuals for the training To Market runs. Strange that, and it should be the opposite of course. Be prepared to pick up tips from your colleagues, your manager and be prepared to read around the subject. Read books, articles etc and evaluate how people try to sell to you. Use the ‘University of Life’ where you can.

Work hard, achieve more

Keep at it, work to hone your skills and you will achieve what you want from your role. If you want to find out more about what tailored telemarketing training is available, drop some details here and we’ll come back to you. For a tip on getting through to the decision-maker, follow this link to the blog here.

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