Yes, please don’t ask that time honoured question “how are you?” on a cold call. It seems so right and yet it is so, so wrong.

But it’s just being polite I hear it’s defenders say. Yes, and that’s fine if you know the person you’re talking to. If I’m talking to a good client or someone I’ve spoken to many times before, I would hope that it’s one of the first questions I would ask.

And yet when I’m training teams or talking to managers or business owners, it’s a cold call question which annoys them intensely. It’s all because they know it’s not genuine. Why would you you ask me how I am if you don’t know me? Do you really care. I believe you don’t. Which may be harsh, or partly true, but it seems like a thinly veiled attempt at trying to befriend me. And if you’re calling me to sell something I’d rather you got on with that bit first. We can always be best buddies later.

Instead start your sales call with a clear statement using what we call the 3-strand intro. That’s your name, the name of the company and a line about what the call is about. “Good morning Mr Sneddon, my name is James calling from Independent Bakery Products and we sell a range of specialist bakery and catering supplies to bakery businesses such as yours. ” Simple, clear and business like.

By starting off asking a prospect how they are, puts them on their guard straightaway. They’re waiting for the pitch. Not a great start to a rapport building sales call.

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