Travel industry sales training is all about improving call conversion rates. We know, we work on this for a living. Or at least our travel industry specialist trainer Alan Cook does. Over 25 years experience in fact of helping travel industry companies improve sales conversion rates, getting more bums on seats.

Travel industry selling - is all about getting your customers here !

Travel Counsellors Ltd are an award winning travel company having won the Queens Award for industry. They’ve also been on the Times/Virgin100 list of most successful (non-quoted) UK companies since Alan started working with them in 1999.

Initially they had 35 consultants, and fewer than 10 were achieving ratios of better than one booking per ten calls. Over a period of working with the company for 3 years the number of consultants had grown, over 30 were achieving conversion ratios of 1 booking every 5 calls, and a number of consultants were even achieving a 1:1 ratio!

If you want us to help you sell more holidays, breaks and leisure breaks, give us a call and we’ll be glad to do the same things for your travel business.