One of the challenges facing those of you with home working teams is that management easily loses day-to-day coaching and motivating opportunities.

one to one training for homeworkers - to sell more holidays !

We have a specialist travel consultant trainer Alan Cook who has spent many years working with travel industry operators to overcome these challenges.

Travel Counsellors, a Bolton based Travel Company and the only travel organisation to win the prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise, came up with a solution when they engaged Alan Cook to travel the country visiting consultants in their own homes and delivering 2-3 hour, one-to-one coaching sessions. The result is that many of the consultants saw their call conversion ratios improve from an average figure of 1 in 10 to a more successful 1 in 5 with several consultants achieving even better results.

If you think you can handle a doubling in your bookings give us a call on 01858 461148 and maybe we can help you achieve similar increases !