With the ‘crash’ of Excel Airways last year, the travel industry lost one of it most successful tour operating retailers – Travel City Direct. Ironically at the time the parent company collapsed, the travel retailing arm was enjoying another successful year.

Travel consultant sales training can help you take off !

The Blackpool call centre manager Ian Moore, attributed much of the success to the call conversion training delivered by our travel sales training specialist Alan Cook. When first involved with the consultants the conversion ratio was a little over one booking every 13 calls. After structured classroom and one-to-one sessions, that ratio came down to a booking every 9/10 calls which in turn contributed in excess of a £3 million increase to the ‘bottom-line’ figures.

If you are ready to handle an uplift in your sales business, give us a call and we’ll send our top man to meet you, have a chat and talk about how we can help you increase your sales figures. If you want to of course !!